SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Five to 10 new businesses have opened this year in the downtown Springfield area; more proof that this city's version of economic development is seeing big results.

For an area once filled with seedy bars and strip clubs, it has been quite a change. Downtown Springfield has gone through a business metamorphosis, and is shows no signs of slowing down. For owner Erin Gilfillan of the new Main Street Market, the business model is strictly back to the future.

“The floors are actually from 1910 I believe. They're the original fir floors of the building,” she said. The owner of Eugene's Friendly Street Market jumped at the chance to set up an urban market in Springfield. “So, I kind of wanted to preserve the entire look and feel of that,” said Gilfillan. “I love the idea of having kind of an old fashioned style market that opened up to the sidewalk.”

A blend of local products and organic foods that are striking a chord for customers. Just down the street, a Facebook posting opened the door for Eugene's Cornucopia restaurant network to look east. They're taking over the space vacated by Cheese-Steak Northwest.

“The menu will reflect our top sellers. So don't worry, there will be the pot pie and you'll have your favorites,” said Alison Albrecht, the Co-Owner of the restaurant. This miracle on Main Street started when city officials shut down the bars, voters approved an urban renewal district. All this setting up an environment for new business to thrive. Momentum & good vibes that shows no sign of slowing down. Stark told us the new Cornucopia restaurant will need a staff of about 20 to make it happen. Applications are being taken now.