We are the City of Springfield Economic and Development Program staff. We focus our action purposefully on building community assets and relationships in order to make the greatest impact where economic growth and opportunity is most influenced. We are an experienced, focused and action oriented team of economic development professionals that work to drive focus and opportunities to different areas of Springfield so the community may realize its greatest potential. 

The ‘why’ of Springfield Economic Development work is framed in the goal of increasing per capita income in Springfield with an understanding that a strong local economy improves our quality of life and abundance of community assets. We are motivated by the understanding that the economic vitality of Springfield Oregon and the financial health of our community members and agency partners are linked to healthy population growth and the number of quality jobs available in our community. 


Focusing on building an environment of opportunity and efficiency is a priority for the City of Springfield and Springfield partners. We bring together the mix of assets, services, and opportunities provided by our regional partners, to ensure our companies find their best opportunities right here, in Springfield Oregon. 

As a program of the City of Springfield, Oregon, the Economic Development team, goals, and initiatives are directed by the Springfield City Council and the Springfield Economic Development strategic work plan. 

The Springfield Economic Development Strategy focuses on three main areas of work:

  • Enhancing City Competitiveness in areas of direct control by City government 
  • Influencing the development of high-value Springfield Assets external to the City government and important to our business community; and
  • Proactive Business Outreach to intentionally drive economic growth into Springfield